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14 December, 2012

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A Puzzling Present is a Christmassy puzzle platformer with an unusual twist - all of its levels were designed by a computer program! Explore dozens of levels across multiple worlds, use a variety of clever powers to solve each one, and help the game-designing AI ANGELINA improve its skills by rating each puzzle as you solve it.


A Puzzling Present has been made as part of the ANGELINA project - a PhD research effort by Michael Cook, working out of Imperial College's Computational Creativity Group. ANGELINA is an artificial intelligence program being used to investigate new techniques for automating game design, and each level in A Puzzling Present has been designed by the software, right down to the mechanics you use to solve the level! Since its inception in late 2010, ANGELINA has created arcade games, Metroidvania-style platformers, and news-inspired videogames. A Puzzling Present is the largest game to have featured content by ANGELINA to date.


  • Over 30 levels spread across 3 worlds.
  • Fun mechanics to master, like flipping gravity or super-jumping!
  • Help ANGELINA out by rating levels and feeding back data as you play the game!
  • Festive pixel graphics and bright, seasonal music by Kevin Macleod.
  • Released for free on desktop platforms, and the Google Play store for Android.


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      Games By Angelina is the home of the ANGELINA project, the PhD work of Michael Cook at Imperial College's Computational Creativity Group. The aim is to develop an AI system that can intelligently design videogames, as part of an investigation into the ways in which software can design creatively.

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      A Puzzling Present Credits

      Michael Cook
      Code, Art

      Harriet Jones
      Logo and Title Art

      Kevin Macleod

      Simon Colton
      PhD Supervisor

      Azalea Raad
      Maths Consultant, Generally Great

      Mike Prescott
      Fun Consultant


      Michael Cook

      Mike on Twitter

      ANGELINA on Twitter

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