Flixel and FLIPA

APACE is ready for a public demo soon, but I’m diverting my work yet again for the next two months while I work on a platformer-based project in the Flash game library Flixel. Once again it’ll be a Java library that generates game code, this time for Actionscript 3 and the Flixel library. I’ve been fleshing out the Flixel code by hand over the last day or two, and it’s in a playable state so I’ve embedded it below.

The next step is to get a representation of this in Java, and then start to build the evolutionary system that will evolve these games. Once again, we’ll be using the multi-faceted evolution technique that worked in ANGELINA’s arcade game work, but of course this will require new fitness functions to evaluate the games we produce. What they consist of exactly is still to be decided, but over the next week or two I’ll be testing out some ideas.

The objective of the demo is simply to get to the bottom-left of the map, retrieve the powerup, and climb back to the top again. You can’t die, but you can fall out of the map. Enjoy!

Graphics courtesy of Oryx - http://www.oryxdesignlab.com/sprites/

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