New Game – The Conservation of Emily

The first game from the AIIDE run of game generation is up. It’s called The Conservation of Emily and it’s based on an article about UK politicians being involved in illegal logging companies. If you’d like to play the game, you can do so by clicking here. There’s also a YouTube playthrough of the game available, which I’ve embedded below in case you don’t feel like playing or it’s just a bit too fiddly (which ANGELINA and I are still working on somewhat).

It’s not up on the Games page yet but I’ll be doing that in early July when I’m over AIIDE, GaME and ICCC 2012…

3 thoughts on “New Game – The Conservation of Emily

  1. Dear Angelina,

    That was gorgeous. I especially love the screaming.

    Couple of feature requests: in the next one, make jumping more controllable (hold longer to jump higher), and drop the momentum a bit. It’s too easy to fall off single-block platforms.

    Also, the key probably shouldn’t be quite so close to the end, and the powerup should probably be a bit further away from the start.

    Also also, perhaps consider bigger platforms.

    Lots of love,


  2. Dear Angelina, I have been unable to play the game as it seems to be locked, but well done anyway, quite clever,


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