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I’ve been lax updating the site recently – this is partly down to not having anything flashy to show off, not even a screenshot of something new that’s going on! Nevertheless, things have been happening. Here’s a quick rundown, and a promise of more to come in the future.

Right now (this blog post is serving as a momentary break/procrastination) I’m editing my AIIDE paper for next month’s deadline. Editing is one of my least favourite things to do! I have never been particularly good at it, tending to prefer starting entirely from scratch than making small changes. Unfortunately that’s just not feasible when it comes to paper-writing, so I’m working through my supervisor’s bright red comments and trying to make something readable and interesting out of the latest work. Once that’s submitted next month, I’ll make the paper available online on the Papers page.

I’ve made an interesting shift this month from producing Flash games to Java games. The transition isn’t complete, but thanks to the hardworking people behind LibGDX and Flixel-Android I was able to convert my existing Actionscript3 code into Java in a really short timescale. This not only means the ANGELINA app can be done all in Java (which is a huge benefit to me!) but it also opens up avenues I’d previously thought closed off for ANGELINA and me. More on this post-AIIDE-date when I’ve actually written some code to properly take advantage of it.

I received my certificate, mug and grant money from I’m A Scientist last week, which means I can finally push ahead with the app once I get time for it too. The first priority will be getting a basic Android thing into the Google Play store, and from there I can look at getting something similar ready for iOS. The latter might be tricky but I’m hoping I can get it to work. In any case, the Android App should hopefully be available as a desktop Java application too so everyone can take a look at the project and play games without fiddling around the website. That’s a nice project for the next few months, I’m looking forward to it!

So, still quiet for a bit, but lots of exciting things on the horizon. Back to editing…

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