Nobody’s A Critic – ICCC 2013 Talk

Conference talks are a really great way to communicate about your work. You get sound and vision, you can talk naturally about what’s on screen, and the time limit means you don’t go into laborious detail like you might in a normal paper. That’s one of the reasons why conferences are so great to go to – a good conference talk is worth a dozen articles. Problem is, conferences are very expensive to go to if you’re not employed by a university, and not everyone can travel to them.

I decided that after giving my talk at ICCC 2013 I would try and re-record the audio and put up some slides on YouTube. I finally got around to it today – it’s not bad for a first try I think but I need to work on the idea and my delivery a bit! Still, if you want to know what I talked about, you can watch the first attempt at a YouTube conference talk below. Hopefully this will let a few more people learn about my work in a different way!


I’m a complete newbie to YouTube and making videos. Let me know what you think and what I can do to improve the format!

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