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OpenAI & DOTA 2: Game Is Hard

This is part of a series about OpenAI’s attempt to build an AI that can play a full game of DOTA 2 against humans. Earlier in the year I wrote about OpenAI’s initial announcement. Last week, they played their first public match against expert humans.

I started playing DOTA 2 in January 2013 – a really exciting time to start, as it turned out. In the professional scene, a team called Alliance was making headlines, playing in a way that seemed completely unstoppable. In the months leading up to their appearance at DOTA 2’s biggest event, The International, Alliance appeared in seven tournaments and placed first in all of them. Alliance only had one style of play, and were often criticised for this, but the simple fact of the matter was that no-one had an answer for it. It didn’t matter if they were only showing one strategy – it was unbeatable.

This week, watching OpenAI’s bots play against humans, I had that 2013 feeling again.

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