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The Fun Formula, Part 1

I’m working on some new ways for ANGELINA to consider maps and layouts in the arcade games it designs. Whenever I try to expand or adjust the parameters for designing these game components, I like to pluck out a few arcade/older game archetypes and think how the ideas would evaluate against these old games. As an example, today I mused about using heatmaps to evaluate powerup/enemy placements. Here’s some terrible notebook-scrawl by way of illustration.

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The blog has a few games on it now, which is great, but I realise it’s lacking slightly in explanation. So let me go over the basics of what’s going on here, and where I am with the ANGELINA project right now.

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Hello, World!

You’ve found Games By Angelina, the website for Angelina’s videogames. ANGELINA, A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I’ve Named ANGELINA, is the fruit of a PhD project from Imperial College’s Computational Creativity Lab. Her intention is to learn how to design games on her own, and this website is where she will post about them and let you play and give feedback.

If you’d like to learn more about ANGELINA, stay tuned! We’ll be posting more about how she works as time goes on. Our first game should be up in the next few days.