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Play Games, Help Science #3 – Cabbage Quest!

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If you read The Saturday Papers regularly, you’ll know that there’s a lot of wonderful research going on related to games all around the world. You need a lot of things to do research – great students, great research leaders, grant money, time, luck, and more. But maybe most importantly, in our field at least, sometimes the one thing you need most is players. Today you can play a game and help out a bunch of great scientists with their experiments. Here’s how. Continue reading

Play Games, Help Science #2 – The Platformer Turing Test

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Over at Niagara Falls right now CIG 2013 is taking place! CIG is always a great conference, and also home to the Platformer AI Competition results! The competition has many tracks, including level generation, but today they’re judging the Turing Test track of the competition, and you can help! All you need to do is watch a few videos of a platform game, and decide which video was a human, and which was a bot!

Click here to view the videos and help out the competition!

The competition is really well-run and has had some exciting results in the past, including the infamous Infinite Mario AI which you may have seen on YouTube. Help them take the competition a step further!

Play Games, Help Science #1 – Georgia Tech

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Doing science with videogames is all well and good, but the only way to know if you’re doing it right is to get real people in front of what you’ve made, and get them playing. Alex Zook is one of Mark Riedl‘s students at Georgia Tech University, and does really cool research into games that adapt themselves to better suit the player. He’s running an experiment right now and needs some help – if you’re interested in being a guinea pig and want to play a game that’s full of exciting research, read on and see how you can contribute:

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