Santa Needs Help, And Thanks

With the paper now submitted to EvoStar, all that remains is for me to say thanks to all that helped out, and wish you the best for Christmas. I’ll be taking a hiatus to go and work on projects and fiddle with things behind the scenes, while I get ready for a new stage of work.

I’ve polished up and hand-made a game inspired by the Santa games that were being made by ANGELINA (or ‘ACCME’ as I called the system in the paper) and I’ve posted it below for everyone to enjoy. It’s not much of a thankyou, but hopefully it’ll highlight just how far there is to go until we get automated game designers up to the level of even a novice game designer like me.

Thanks again!

7 thoughts on “Santa Needs Help, And Thanks

    1. I thought that this whole concept is brillant and id be massivly shocked if one of ANGLINA’s ‘sisters’ isnt an intergral part of every day gaming in the future, but also more serious things, like planning railways, waterpipe lines and roads through mountains e.t.c It might sound far of, but once you have the idea, history has already proved that anything is possibble.

      1. Thanks very much for your feedback! The whole area of creative computing is a really important one, I feel, as it looks at a very different side of technology and computing. My supervisor often remarks how we spend years explaining to undergraduate students that computers should do exactly what we tell them, that they are predictable and shouldn’t do anything unexpected. But maybe that’s not all software can or should be – maybe we can build technology that can be unpredictable and surprising.

        I really hope this research and others like it open up new ways of using technology.

    1. You mean the best game ANGELINA could make? Yes, essentially. This project can only make platformers, which makes it quite restrictive. But the ideas and research behind it can be applied to almost any genre (which I’m working on proving!).

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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