Next Week I’m A Scientist

I’m a scientist most weeks, obviously, but next week is I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out Of Here! and I’m one of the participating scientists! IAS is an online event for UK schoolchildren where groups of scientist answer questions and take part in live chats. It’s a wonderful way to give kids a chance to talk to a scientist and ask anything they want, and in doing so help them see what science is really like as a career, and what the people who do it are like.

You can see some of the questions the current batch of scientists have been asked by checking out the project’s News page here. I’ll be putting up some more games next week to show the students (you may notice that, temporarily, one of ANGELINA’s games has been taken down for this reason also).

If you’re a scientist (anywhere in the world) and would like to take part, you should go and sign up here. Computer Scientists in particular seem to be very lacking. It’s very well organised, and represents something that I think is a fundamental part of being a scientist today. Also: fun.

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