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Some Talks, Some Generators

Thanks to Jupiter Hadley for the pic!

We are slap-bang in the middle of my busiest time of year right now, with PROCJAM coming up in the next month, conferences happening, grant deadlines, book deadlines, and lots more. I wanted to slip in with a quick post here about some things that have been going on recently, and to mention a project I put up on GitHub today that you might be interested in!

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A Puzzling Present Code Now Available

Just a quick one – the source code for the LibGDX gameĀ A Puzzling Present is now available on Github. It’s missing libraries, some assets I don’t have licenses for, and a small amount of code present in the released game.

The code and the art are public domain, so you’re welcome to use them as you wish. Unfortunately, it’s not the most beautiful code out there, but if you’re looking to get into the excellent flixel-android library for LibGDX, it might help you!