Michael Cook

Senior Research Fellow
Falmouth University


I'm still updating this list, trying to track down old talks and recordings where possible. I also try my best to record live talks and upload them wherever streaming wasn't available, but sometimes this is hard to do. Please bear with me!

Disposable Universes And Games You Can’t Quit - Strange Futures for AI in Games - [PDF]
Rezzed Sessions, 2018

Perfect, Immortal Machines - Computational Creativity and the Future of Automated Game Design - [PDF]
Queen Mary Game AI Seminar Series, 2018

Game Jamming Faster, Weirder, Better With Procedural Generation - [PDF]
Malta Global Game Jam Keynote, 2018

ANGELINA On The Big Stage - Automated Game Design As Performance
Zurich Game Lab Conference, 2017

Mediating Cultural Work: Texts, Objects and Politics [Panel Member]
CAMEo Conference, 2017

Danesh [The Tech Toolbox]
Game Developer's Conference, 2017 - [GDC Vault (free)]

The Digital Muse: AI And Creativity
New Scientist Live, 2016

We've Run Out Of Planets - Procedural Generation After No Man's Sky
EGX, 2016 - [YouTube]

Don't Be Human
Bot Summit, 2016 - [YouTube]

Smoke And Mirrors In The Age Of AI
Videobrains, 2015

How To Make Friends And Impact People
IGGI Launch Day, 2015

One More Time, With Feeling
Invited Seminar Talk, NYU, 2015

Can Computers Be Feminists?
Different Games Panel Presentation, 2015

Triple-AI: How Artificial Intelligence Will Run The Games Industry
Rezzed Session, 2015

Automated Game Design And Computational Creativity
Dagstuhl Seminar Introduction, 2015

A Brief History Of The Future Of Twitterbots
Coimbra Code Camp, 2015

The Lost Art Of Dreaming
Videobrains, 2014 - [YouTube]

If Only We Could Talk To The Generators
Copenhagen PCG Summit, 2014

ANGELINA 'The Game Designer'
babycastles, 2014

Generate Everything
Indievelopment, 2014

The Medium Is The Metaphor
Invited Seminar Series, UC Dublin, 2014

Eurogamer Developer Session, 2014 - [YouTube]

Good Feelings And Great Ideas
Invited Seminar Series, Essex University, 2014

Software Writing Software
Invited Seminar Series, Canterbury University, 2013

A Tale Of Two Designers
Warwick Game Design Society, 2013

My iPod Just Had A Great Idea
City of London School Science Festival, 2013

ANGELINA - Automated Game Design
Imperial College Games and Media Event, 2012