EvoGames 2012 Talk

It’s the morning of the last conference day here at EvoStar, and I’m sitting tapping this out while waiting for the final few events to begin. The conference actually spans the entire breadth of computational evolution and genetic programming research, so there are people here from the financial computing sector, from medical research labs, from exotic artistic science communities, and of course from the world of games research.

EvoGames, the games workshop in the conference, had some great talks (and a couple of very interesting posters) and also let me meet up with some of my favourite researchers too. We saw talks about adaptive game opponents, automatic camera shot composition for cutscenes, and ANGELINA featured in there somewhere too. If you’re interested in seeing my slides (unfortunately without the nice videos I slipped in) you can get the PDF of the slides here.

Hello to everyone I met at EvoStar this year! I had a great time. Back to ANGELINA from Sunday!

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